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Snow Rider - Snowboarding Trip

AFPST is a charitable initiative, which uses Snow Sports to compliment and accelerate the Bio-psycho-social rehabilitation of Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) Service personnel and veterans.

SNOW RIDER  will be held on the Stubai Glacier between the dates of 21-28 Apr 18. The AFPST group will consist of 7 WIS Veterans and 5 staff (adaptive ski and snowboard instructors) led by the Col JC Connelly and accompanied by Tommy Lowther from Sporting Force.

Your full participation will be dependent on level of ability and physical capacity. However, this snowboard camp is designed for those that can take on at least 4 hours of strenuous activity per day. 

All veterans should be in a position where they can transfer themselves in and out of equipment and be self-caring. Veterans should also be in a position where their pain levels are controllable through exercise, stretching or medication. There will be no military medical care available. It is anticipated that the Veterans attending will not require any treatment other than in the unlikely instance that a minor injury occurs whilst taking part in activities. 

The AFPST group has an ERI integral to the group who will provide support as appropriate. All Veterans with prosthesis should be in a position to look after and care for themselves.

Transport: meet at the Phoenix House Recovery Centre at 12:00 on 20 Apr Passport, EHIC card and proof of insurance in hand, unless you elect to fly directly flying to Innsbruck. 

We will then load onto a combi-van and drive over to Austria. The journey will take approximately 24-26 hours, including an over night ferry (Hull-Rotterdam). Those who elect to fly to innsbruck can book a flight and recover £175 towards the cost when they present a receipt on arrival in Innsbruck. Travel to Phoenix House is not recoverable. 

Equipment: Snowboards, boots, bindings, goggles, gloves, jackets and trousers will be loaned by Battle Back for the duration of the trip. No protective gear/clothing is available. If you require a back protector, wrist guards etc then you must purchase these yourselves. Knee pads and impact shorts always help especially when learning. It is AFPST policy that all participants wear a helmet and goggles whilst snowboarding.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Austria is called Fleckhof in Nedar and apartments are all within the same building. There is a swimming pool in Neustift which you can use in the evenings. The guest house we are staying at has a sauna, steam room and heat therapy chamber which are free to use. Bring swimming attire but please note if Europeans are using the sauna they will be naked.

All veterans will be expected to contribute to food costs at approx £10 per day.

If you are interested in being entered for the ballot please fill in the form below.

Please do not put your name forward unless you are absolutely sure that you would attend if offered a place.

Deadline for applications 2nd of March.

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