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Adventure Training and Sports Project- April 2021 (Covid-19 Dependant)

Sporting Force are delighted to announce we have partnered with Durham Cricket Foundation and we will be starting a year long project aimed at tackling social isolation.

There is a real problem at present with Military veterans suffering with social isolation, many of whom have served long military careers in some of the most challenging environments and in turn have witnessed some of the most distressing events during their time in the forces. It is no secret that there is a lack of support both in the forces and also when they leave.

Sporting Force and Durham Cricket Foundation would like to step in and work together to tackle these issues and improve the health and wellbeing of our armed forces community. It is vitally important that we do what we can to tackle social isolation among veterans and also their families. We aim to do this by providing a range of activities throughout 2021. These activities will be held both indoors and outdoors and will predominantly be ran by Sporting Force using a number of trained instructors in partnership with Durham Cricket Foundation. Activities in the project include, walking, rock climbing, raft building, abseiling, cricket activity and games as well as drop-in support sessions, tickets for cricket matches will also be provided by Durham. Sporting Force will also be holding a 2-day mental health first aid course in which they will be inviting veterans and their families to attend as well as staff from Durham Cricket. We also hope to hold a family fun day in the 6 weeks holidays. You DO NOT have to commit to the whole project, you can drop in and out as and when, we appreciate you may have other commitments you need to attend.

Please email your interest to: david.henry@sportingforce.org

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