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Tommy Lowther


Tommy is an ex-service member, having served with the 1st Battalion Light Infantry, as well as serving as a veteran of the Metropolitan Police who served on the front line during the 7th July 2005 bombings in London. It is safe to say that Tommy witnessed some pretty horrific scenes during both his Military and Police careers. He has suffered from PTSD for several years which almost drove him to suicide.

Tommy recognises the position that both he and many other Veterans find themselves in, having trouble with what most would consider "day-to-day tasks". Having won his own battle and addressing PTSD with a positive attitude, he became aware of the shocking statistics of those not so fortunate, and through his own involvement in sport, the idea of Sporting Force was born.

Jacqui Nicholson

Operations Executive

Jacqui is proud to come from tri-service roots with many members of her immediate family who have served their country.
With a proven record in the 3rd Sector Jacqui has returned to Sporting Force as the charity starts an expansion programme. Her experience of transformational change management and upscaling both businesses and charities will help Sporting Force move forward and grow.
Jacqui’s corporate background in banking, insurance and education ensures that the charity will run with a steady hand on the tiller.
Jacqui’s passion to help the armed forces community comes from her first hand experience of the affects that military life have on both the veterans and their families.
“Going forward our Forces Families programme will anticipate families’ needs and connects them to resources, we will support them emotionally, socially, developmentally, physically to support and strengthen their mental wellbeing. Supporting families can take many forms. Support can range from providing informal opportunities for families to meet to referring families for crisis intervention. Our Dandelion program is a natural place where families can get the help they need to address the risks and stressors in their lives so they can cope and parent more effectively. Connection to a comprehensive system of support promotes family well-being, which in turn leads to family well-doing.”

Martin Wing

Chair of Trustees

Craig Robinson

Wellbeing Coach and Events Co-Ordinator

Craig served as a Systems and Telecommunications Operator. He represented the Army at Rugby union and played several sports at high levels during his time in the forces. He spent best part of 10 years rebuilding his body and mind after being medically discharged from the army following a parachute accident.

Craig embraces all sports and has a wide range of coaching and instructor qualifications. He comes to Sporting Force to share his love of sports, promoting the physical and mental benefits of exercising with the veterans and their families. Craig is an ardent advocate to remove barriers and stigma surrounding mental health.

“Healthy body helps keep a healthy mind. Exercising saved my life and kept me going through life’s hurdles that we all invariably face.  I firmly believe that there is a sport or activity for everyone that they will be able to take part in, enjoy and reap both the physical and psychological benefits of taking part. Find the interest, create the environment, build the skills and the confidence and then be patient and work together to achieve the long term goal. This is something that I have helped implement in my previous role creating a huge variety of activities for the veteran community to take part in.  I love helping veterans, the veteran’s families, the wider communities and generally promoting physical and mental well-being.”


Owen Bainbridge


Sporting Force is proud to announce the signing of our first ambassador – Owen Bainbridge.

Professional footballer Owen was born partially sighted but lost his vision completely when he was seven years old. Owen was part of the Great Britain team that won silver at the finals of the ISBA World Games held in Seoul in May 2015.

Owen, 25, has won 35 caps playing for England, and is now in training for the IBSA Blind Football European Championships, which are to be held in August. Owen is excited to be part of Sporting Force and is looking forward to helping promote its mission. You can find him on Twitter at @OwenBainbridge3.


Barrie Griffiths, Alwyn Williams and Mark Taylor


These 3 guys are the friendly faces you will see if you attend a Tottenham Hotspur match with us. All three are veterans and great at supporting fellow veterans and their families. They give their time voluntarily and they are indispensable to our work.


Brett Lambert

Occupational Therapist

We are delighted to welcome Brett Lambert to the charity, Brett is a Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Sunderland. Brett will be involved with the project with a focus on enabling people to participate, particularly where barriers exist that may otherwise prevent veterans, their families and supporters from engaging.

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