Weekly Activity Sessions

Are you struggling with your mental health? Sporting Force will be starting an activity-based veterans’ support group in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, from 12th February 2021. Group places are available for up to 15 people under current COVID-19 restrictions. We have had confirmation that this is allowed as we are a Charity offering mental health support to Military Veterans. Anyone participating will be expected to wear face masks. Get in touch today to discover more.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities will promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth, helping people suffering from an array of mental health conditions including:

Weekly Support Group - Outdoor Activities

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Behavioural Issues

  • Abuse Issues

Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. It’s the perfect way to keep you healthy, active and reduce your chances of getting sick and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Getting out into nature and going for a walk is also great for your mental wellbeing.

A programme of activities and events for all Tri-Service Veterans

  • With key locations across the North of the UK
  • A full year of training, conditioning and fitness support for all fitness levels.
  • Activities include: Walks, Runs, Bike Rides, Couch to 5k, Mountain Bike Treks , Open Water Swimming, Indoor Pool, 5 a side.
  • 5 competitive events in the next 6 months with more to come
  • Each region will have a venue for veterans to attend within an hour’s drive.
  • A closed Facebook Group to keep in contact outside of organised events.
  • Each activity will have a space to breath and chat over a brew afterwards.
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Free Gym for the Armed Forces Community within our Hub in Newton Aycliffe -opening 25th of August 2021 Book your induction by emailing craig@sportingforce.org

Competitive Events for 2021

Support Sessions

These sessions will be held both indoors at our office in Newton Aycliffe. Sessions will include:

Weekly Support Group - Support Sessions

  • Group Activity-Based Support Sessions

  • Use of Outdoor Space to Promote Wellbeing through Connecting with Nature and Animals

  • Walk-and-Talk Sessions across the North of England


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Activity-Based Support Groups

Our veterans’ charity arranges an array of indoor and outdoor activities at our support group.

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